What Can You Do With Magic Jack?

Home Phone: The Magic Jack is another way to go for a regular home phone. This is the second cheapest phone. Consider the possibility of having a teenager with a cell phone. What about having a cell phone just for doing business at home? This is a very cheap and easy way and people will think you are an expert in a business office. You can also purchase international minutes to make international calls by phone.
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Fax Line: The use of this device is not guaranteed by fax. Some internet providers have CODEC and runners to fax. I tried it with my fax machine, which is a Sharp UXP-100, and it sent a fine fax, but I could not receive the fax. I don’t know why because I press the start button to receive and it just rings. Oh, it’s good to know that I can post a fax with it.
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Shipping: You can call your Jack Jack number easily. Just remember that if you send your phone, your phone company will pay you a minute. Sending a phone to your phone will help you to receive all your calls as a regular phone.
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Mobile phone: You can go with this phone on vacation and still have your phone number. (Is that a vacation?) You can send along with your college children to use the phone, since they already have a PC and most colleges have internet access. So when you go to work, you can have your phone to ring especially when you travel outside the US and get your Magic Jack, go home to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Pacific Islands for free with no additional charges.
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Magic Jack as a gift: If you can call all over the world and want to talk to your family, give them this phone and when you talk to Magic Jack go to Magic Jack, the call is free, to pay worldwide bills. If you want to talk to someone who doesn’t have a phone but has a computer with internet access, give them the Magic Jack gift and they can connect with family and friends in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
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Decoration: Finally, if you want to use it as a decoration, it comes in pink and blue. I have a silver box with a blue light that sits next to my computer. I am very helpful and this is great. The other color is a pink box, which can match someone else’s jewelry to make it more luxurious.
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Lastly: Magic Jack can work as a home phone, small business, search the home of a college student, a global phone, fax sending, gifts, and decorations in your home.
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