5 Cheap Various Players

The water-soaked mask is very irritating. It is dangerous-killing to get your watery appearance damaged by fog. Whoever wants to flood and clean the mask all the time when you should enjoy what is in front of you. Don’t worry, there are practical and easy solutions to these problems.

Spitting is not the only solution
Often, you hear the call “JUST spit”. Yes, it is the fastest and cheapest way. He told me that a smoker works very well – but I never used this as an excuse for smoking.

But there must be practical and lasting solutions to dealing with fog.

Fog list list list:
In addition to the defogger, there are other things you can do to prevent the melting of the mask:

1) When buying a new mask, rinse thoroughly with soap and water and rinse the inside and outside of the eye with toothpaste. This will help remove any residue left over from the production.

2) Do not wear too much sunscreen or perfume on your face.

3) Wash the mask with clean water before entering the water.

4) Be careful not to scratch or damage your mask when storing or handling. If not used, it should be dried and stored in the house or hung with a belt.

5) Breathing through the nose helps the smoke to increase. Try to relax and breathe through your mouth.

The top five opponents
There are all kinds of valuable foods that promise the world. People say they work but I have used cheap methods – most of them are easy to find in most kitchens or on the shelves for sale.
Here is my top 5 list.

1. Water purifier
It removes fat that promotes weakness. Just wipe the inside of your mask with your fingers and wash thoroughly. For its price and availability, it pays a lot.

2. Murder Assets
This waxy trimmer with an unconventional name is practical and inexpensive. It’s way longer than soap and sweets. Install Cat Crap before heading for a major hike or weekend getaway and it should help reduce flooding.

3. Soft wiping
This is a home cleaning product that is available in most retailers. It’s a bit messy but immovable like Comet, Ajax and other swimming powders that are probably the most dangerous on the target and can scratch your mask.

4. Shaving cream
Rub a little inside your mask, rub and rinse. I don’t know why it works but it seems to make the mask look better.

5. Potatoes
I’ve tried it and although I don’t think it’s interesting, there are those who swear by this method. Just wipe a small amount of potato juice in a glass and rinse thoroughly. But do not try to take the potatoes out. This could put you in trouble from the government to introduce food import laws.

Several methods work very well. At the beginning of the tour, clean your mask with a mild solvent like Soft Scrub and before getting out of the water, rinse with dishwashing liquid. Beyond that, there is – of course – a good old-fashioned spit.