Comparing the Value of Your Sturgis Rally Vacation

If you are going to Sturgis at Black Hills Rally and Races in Sturgis South Dakota you may be wondering how much your trip to Black Hills will cost? As with any vacation it is always good to have a budget and plan your trip according to your budget. The reason I think this is here is a comparison of the costs associated with a holiday in Sturgis South Dakota at Bike Rally.

Camping or Camping:

The hotel inside and near Sturgis can be very difficult to find inside the Rally this week. If you can find a Hotel room you expect to pay about $ 300- $ 400 a night for a Super 8 room. If you are camping you usually book a place that covers you for 15 days which allows time before and after the Sturgis meeting. This can range from $ 100- $ 175 per camp using a tent. If you have an RV expect to charge $ 400 for 30 Amp or $ 450 for 50 Amp service. Most camping sites also pay camp fees on top of this add up to $ 100- $ 175 back. You can rent a house for about $ 2500.00 that can work for high-rise groups.


Since you will be riding a motorcycle, you will no doubt use a lot of fuel. You usually go 25 miles per gallon to get your fuel bills looking at about $ 12 per 100 miles. Walk to Sturgis and look for a ride that you will do every day. When I walk around the Black Hills I like to hike about 300 miles a day. So for me 1200 miles to go and come from Sturgis and 900 times and give me $ 252.00 worth of fuel. Obviously if you drive your motorcycle you have to convert your money to the MPG that your car or truck or RV gets.


Most of what you eat is fast. You will eat healthy foods and diner foods. It would be good to count $ 15 – $ 30 per day on meals (including alcohol) depending on what you like to eat.


If you want to go to parties you can expect to spend a lot of money on alcohol. Like a concert or a football game if you buy beer at a bar or venue you can expect to pay $ 6- $ 7 per beer + each. So how much alcohol do you consume? Take this number of beers and multiply by $ 7 to consider. You can save money in other camps by keeping the low cost as well as the ice and buying it properly.

Total Cost to Sturgis:

Thanks to several hikers on a five-day trip from the Midwest here are some price estimates I have considered. Tent camp around Sturgis $ 300.00. Fuel for all costs $ 500.00. A meal of $ 50 per day for $ 250 and three days of celebration $ 180.00 I did not include souvenirs but from my calculations this two-way trip costs about $ 1230.00 and I suggest you only bring $ 1500 and you will be covered. As you can see Sturgis is an economic holiday but it has a lot of discounts that can affect the full cost of going on holiday at Sturgis Rally in Black Hills in South Dakota.