What You Should Do On Vacation – Remedies for Desert Island

Going on vacation soon? Or awaiting the end of the world, perhaps?

Who would not be more prepared to go to the ER or a drugstore? Can you find a doctor or a pharmacy where you can go?

If I move to a desert island, what medicine can I take? It’s something I’ve thought about for years. It’s easy to say what I can’t bring – no cholesterol treatment, no diet, no wrinkle cream.

What is important? What is more important?

To make things easier I stick to the cheapest product on the market. This is another way to say, what should you keep in your medical cabinet? Or take a boat?

Since I can cause toothache or headaches or self-injury, I bring another pain – maybe two things: ibuprofen (generic Motrin or Advil, under $ 10 for 500 caplets) and acetaminophen (generic Tylenol, about $ 4 for 100), if ibuprofen bothers me in the stomach.

Expecting that bananas and coconut might irritate my stomach, I’m sure I’ll bring meclizine for nausea, ranitidine or famotidine for heartburn, and loperamide for diarrhea (cheap Bonine, Zantac, Pepcid and Imodium, respectively, everyone stays under $ 10). I also bring generic Tum, to quickly save madness acid and support my bones, as there can be no cows around and chewing water shells is hard on my teeth. Meclizine can also help with seasickness or traffic congestion.

I can cut a piece of paper from a palm leaf, as well as carry a tube of bacitracin to protect against infection. If I were toxic I would have 1% hydrocortisone tube (generic Cortaid 10). And if there were any fungi that could cause worms or athlete’s foot, I would also bring a tube of clotrimazole (generic Lotrimin).

And since I am less sensitive to natural vegetation, I bring diphenhydramine (generic Benadryl) at bedtime (which also helps sleep) and loratadine for morning use (perhaps also for hives or itching).

I think I should stay in the water to catch fish from time to time, and bring a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to wash my ears (50:50 mix, water and hydrogen peroxide) if it starts to hurt (swim ear).

And since my diet may not be good, I take cheap vitamins all year round for about $ 10.

Sorry! I almost forgot about sunscreens – I need SPF 15 or higher to quit. I’d better bring a book about herbal medicine, maybe a little longer than a week or two – with my charger on my phone.

Now, I’m ready to go.

Owner 2010 Cynthia J. Koelker, MD