Public Travel Package – Costa Rica, One of the best places to relax single

On special holiday trips, it is difficult to beat Costa Rica. It has something for everyone and at an affordable price. If you can choose as far as the season goes, it is best to consider the extra costs that are only added to the travel itinerary which makes it difficult to find valuable ways to travel single guests. This price hike comes quickly after the summer mass has returned home so I took the opportunity to go to September. Although it was the rainy season, I don’t remember ever wiping my umbrella once. Sales may also feature small groups while other tourists may be able to avoid the entire Pacific as a result of hurricane alerts. As a result, Costa Rica is less prone to storms and even its size varies from climate to climate. All in all, it was one of the best places to go privately.

Hotels are available at a variety of prices ranging from international chains to small local items. TripAdvisor books 120 hotels in 20 different locations in Costa Rica. The home page listed 61 hotels that were rated as five-star with prices per night from $ 113 for as little as $ 1240, and provided unlimited routes for single travel. Seven of the five five-star hotels were priced at $ 200- $ 299 and while not cheap, they compare the best with the prices of the rest of the world.

Costa Rica is one of the best places to have fun because it has 4 different holiday destinations for those traveling alone: ​​1. history and cultural heritage that reflects the heritage of the Caribbean and Latin America, 2. ecotourism or green packaging, 3. travel and 4. sideways not for fun.

I began my journey to the capital, San Jose, incorporating my own cultural tours as I went along. The history of colonial Spain began in the early 16th century when Christopher Columbus on his voyages became known as Costa Rica. By the time the first settlers arrived in Spain by 1522, some 300 years had passed since independence.

The city has several museums such as the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica. However, it was the Museo de Oro (Museum of Gold) that fascinated me. Not only was it filled with glittering gold, it stood still, long before the Columbian pre-Spanish period. (In addition, a nearby grocery store sold these special items, which are good to take home as a gift to friends and relatives.)

Historians and architects may be disappointed to see that the finest buildings constructed in the ancient world date back to the 19th century and not to colonial times. The magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral of San José was built in the late 19th century instead of the original that was destroyed by the earthquake. A new, but seemingly magnificent old San Jose mansion, is Costa Rica’s National Theater, located just in the late 19th century. also owns a beautiful Viennese coffee shop. In front of two magnificent sculptures, Ludwig van Beethoven and 17th-century Spanish playwright Calderón de La Barca take a closer look at visitors from the 21st century.

After moving from San Jose to the countryside, it is easy to see that Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations in the world that offers affordable tours for single travelers. Rain forests, parks and wildlife sanctuaries make up 25% of the country. Despite being a few miles away, Costa Rica is home to the world’s largest biodiversity. In line with its green ideas, the government has been working on a program for some time to achieve the political neutrality of 2007. The precious red-eyed frog is shown to represent Costa Rica’s wildlife. As I’ve found, you don’t have to go very far to see the beautiful models. From my hotel balcony, I have breakfast each morning with the hummingbird, one of the 26 local species. The rain forest, which has 3-4 separate levels, provides an opportunity to see the cottage just walk through the trees and bring out the monkeys above the roof; however, the robust size makes it difficult to see.

The third option is for single travelers who want to take a tempo. After watching beautiful birds and taking pictures of wildlife, Costa Rica offers a great opportunity to go on vacation for singles from the zip that rises above the trees or reminiscent of waterfalls at LaFortuna / Arenal. Six to seven rivers have fresh water for rafting while both beaches offer snorkeling and scuba diving. Although Mount Arenal can no longer hold sway in the evening of the 2010 eruption, six volcanoes are about to erupt. The hot springs that have sprung up are still the best place for the “Happy Hour” to watch the sunset. Unexpectedly, I was thrilled to see the gift shop selling the best-looking bathing suits even if they were a little shorter on the fabric!

Finally, no trip to Costa Rica is complete without visiting some 300 beaches from the Pacific coast to the west and the Caribbean to the east. I recommend testing both sides.

For me, having my own home in San Jose in the Central Valley was ideal because it was an easy trip to the rainforest but with beaches and boats that were still easily accessible. The price and prices were excellent even for those traveling alone. If you can’t decide if you want to go to the Caribbean or Latin America, Costa Rica offers you “2-for-the-price-of-1” instead of just traveling as one traveler often “1-for-the-price-of -2 “! Whether you’re looking forward to a trip or a millennium, keep adding Costa Rica to your bucket list.