The IOTA (MIOTA) network has been disconnected for two weeks, but MIOTA is still trading. The question to ask yourself at this point is: How?

Following the discovery that Trinity Desktop wallets were being recruited, the coordinator launches January 25, a node confirmed by the IOTA Network Protection and Transaction Verification Fund to prevent additional hacks. The status page created by the foundation, which informs users about the progress of the investigation, as well as plans for redress and release of seed migration, shows that the main network has not yet been downsized.

Nevertheless, the coin obviously continues its business. When we last announced it less than a week ago, MIOTA was still in the green. Now he is red on the blackboard. This trade was a major sign of problems until February 12 and rose 6% on the same day. It fell 9% the next day, somewhat recovered, and until the final gradual decline, which we see again.

Currently, (15:42 UTC) is trading at Rs. The USD 0.22, the 24th coin with a market capitalization, has remained almost unchanged for the past 24 hours and fell 16% last week.