Ski Vacation Reflection: Snow Canon and Its Impact Environment


The cold winds of the winter season and the first snowflakes of snow end your calculation at the end of your most anticipated ski vacation. However, due to worldwide warming, the ice type has changed, using ice cannons to artificially create ski resorts to make ice. Ski resorts usually use this machine to create the first layer of ice.

Snow Canon made of ice by combining cold water and compressed air. The compressed air gives three functions of artificial ice making process. First, it divides "atoms" into several small points. Second, it hit the water droplets in the air. Finally, they help to calm the water drops in the air. During the warm day, they use an agent known as Snowmax – a protein that provides nuclei for ice cream, accumulates at temperatures around 3C.

Even though most skiing resorts are considered as a savior, these cannons have an illicit effect on the environment.

Since it uses water to create artificial ice, it increases water use. Based on an article published on, more than 170,000 inhabitants of snow in France are used in more than one city. However, there is now a resort that uses treated medical water to make ice instead of fresh water from the reserve.

Moreover, it uses too much power. It contributes more to the global warming problem in the amount of output energy produced. In addition, these machines contribute to noise pollution. Indeed, a single snow cannon creates words between 60 to 80 cubes, which are similar to the word made by heavy traffic. These words disturb the wildlife of the mountains.

In addition, do not forget to use specific chemicals for this machine to produce artificial ice. And when the artificial ice melts, chemical residues from the snow can affect the plant.

Moreover, artificial snow is much more frequent than natural snow, so it melts much later than natural snow, thus increasing the amount of dissolved water under the soil, which creates natural decay.

Furthermore, the chemical connectors used to make artificial snow find the way to the river, which provides drinking water for the resorts.

The use of treatment waste water also raised the alarm. They are reasonable that the use of medicinal water may cause further damage to the chemical environment.

The bottom line is that the snow can help to maintain the Canon business, but its harmful effects in our environment can not be ignored. So how can we take an active role in helping the ski industry survive while still being environmentally responsible? Here are some ways:

  1. Take action to reduce energy usage. Unplug the least used equipment and close all the lights when you leave the room. Although we can not stop using Ice Canon for now, we can take necessary steps to end the climate change, and we can make it vulnerable to the process of ice canons in our short ways.
  2. Go for options. When snow falls, considering other fun activities that require frost does not take much time. Go to the waterskiing, or hiking.