Overseas Travel Insurance Plans – Offer Low Costs and More


Everyone is interested in holidays for enjoying some quality time with their loved ones and Indians do not have exceptions. The outbound travel sector in India grew strong this year because international tourists were among the very few Indians in the year 2015. Inflation, skyrocketing of ticket prices and depreciation of rupees could not prevent the Indian travelers to travel around the ghastly soul. World 60% Indians are unpublished by rupee depreciation and encourage them to travel. However, the rate of travel insurance for travel protection is still submerged among Indian travelers.

The young generation likes to travel at least once international destinations. According to the survey, 90% of travelers use their own savings for travel abroad and do not consider travel cover. Quite surprisingly, this young man of ICICI Lombar was the brainchild of Internet-conscious generation, among the six metro cities of India, 1049 people were aged 25-35 years old, who traveled internationally last year.

The survey also said that Singapore is the most preferred travel destination among young Indian travelers; The second and third places are held by the United States and United Kingdom.

Let's start with travel plans and their destinations that look at their value. Let's start in Singapore.

Travel insurance plans available for Singapore trips

The top 5 policy quote list on condition of minimum premium is for a 30 year old person to find a single trip to Singapore. The trip is valid for 10 days and the sum insured is US $ 500,000.

  1. Universal Sompo – Rs. 942

  2. HDFC Ergo – Premium Rs. 1015

  3. Reliance – Rs. 1129

  4. Tata AIG – Rupee Premium 1234

  5. Regular – Premium of Rs

Minimum Premium Rs. 9 42 Singapore, Thailand, for a travel insurance plan for a 10-day trip to an Asian country. This means that one rupee less will be paid. Every day to make her trip safe and secure 100. Indian tourists must know that travel plans are not only cheap but they also provide coverage for luggage, passports, hijacking and even emergency medical damages.

Travel insurance plans available for UK trips

The list of top 5 policy quotes on the lowest premium conditions is for 1 person to find a single trip to the UK. The trip is valid for 10 days and the sum insured is US $ 500,000.

  1. Universal Sompo – Rs. 942

  2. Bajaj Alianz – Premium of $ 9.91

  3. HDFC Ergo – Premium Rs. 1015

  4. Reliance – Rs. 1129

  5. Bajaj Alianz (Travel Elite Platinum) – Premium Rupee. 1139

Universal Sompo offers the lowest premium. Travel Insurance Plan Premium also costs Rs. 942 for the 10-day UK tour

Travel insurance policy for US tour

The list of quotes from the Top 7 policy on the lowest premium conditions is for 1 person to find a single journey in the United States. The trip is valid for 10 days and the sum insured is US $ 500,000.

  1. Universal Sompo – Rs. 1344

  2. HDFC Ergo – Premium Rs. 1438

  3. Bajaj Alianz – Premium of 141 crores premium

  4. IFF CO-Tokyo – Premium of $ 121

  5. Bajaj Alianz (Travel Elite Platinum) – Premium Rupee. 1658

  6. Tata AIG – Premium Premium 1694

  7. Reliance – Rs. 1783

Minimum Premium Rs. 1344 A travel insurance plan for a 10-day tour in the United States. Just imagine, you only get all kinds of risks covered by paying less. For your trip every day 140.

The best travel insurance plans in India for luggage and medical coverage

The survey has clarified that 79% of people bought travel plans for emergency emergency situations. 60% of the people behind buying travel insurance insurance are the second most important reason. So let's find the best travel insurance plan in terms of medical emergency and luggage safety.

Reliance and Bajaj Allianz plans from the list above the United States' travel policies are the best of baggage cover.

Reliance Travel Care Platinum provides 1500 US Dollars for damages of baggage checked for a premium of 1,783 rupees.

Bajaj Allianz's Travel Elite Premium Plan offers $ 1000 for a premium of 1000 USD. 1658 Checks for damages in damages.

To get the best coverage for medical emergencies, the best in HDFC ERPO titanium planning It primarily covers:

  1. Emergency medical expenses

  2. Permanent inactivity / sudden death

  3. Hospital Cash

  4. Personal Documents damage

  5. Accidental death

  6. Garden damage

  7. Financial Emergency Assistance

  8. Personal liability

What is the cost of international travel policy for a couple?

According to the survey, 52% of travelers prefer to travel with spouses. So, if these people can enjoy a travel plan for travel in the United States or the UK or Singapore, how much will they have to pay?

Let's start with a US trip for 10 days in the United States for $ 100,000, which covers 2 people aged 30 and 28 years old.

The best plan in the rallies is the premium. 2407.

If you compare travel plans for traveling couples in the UK, you have kept the same benchmark for the duration of the trip, the insured and the traveler's age, provide the best plan for the reliever. Premium of plan Rs. 1537

For trips to countries like Singapore, Thailand's Thailand has been the top tourist destination of 2015, a couple will have to spend even less for travel insurance policies. If you compare Asia-covered travel insurance plans, you will get the lowest premium. Explore the Asia Plans release at 1218.

A positive part of the survey raises awareness among Indian travelers. More than 90% of young generation are aware of travel insurance, which has increased significantly from 80% last year. One of the main providers of travel insurance plans in India; The total travel insurance premium for ICICI Lombard last year's 100 rupees has been written, in this year the premium is expected to increase by 5-10%. The problem is not with awareness; It lacks understanding about benefits associated with this travel cover.

27% of survey respondents prefer not to enjoy the travel insurance plan simply because they were under the wrong impression that such plans not only provide harm to the accidents, luggage and theft but also provide medical supplies. Full breakup of HDFC ERZ's titanium plan shows comprehensive coverage for emergency situations, it is far from true

25% of the surveyed people did not buy a travel plan because they thought that these plans are expensive but that's not the case. All plan prices for the person mentioned here are less than the price. 100 to less than 100 140 for a 10-day 10-day tour Travel insurance policies for couples are cheaper as they cost less. 65 per day per person For every Asian country, with 125 destinations per day for 125 people per year, with popular destinations like US, UK and Singapore, Thailand.

Indians love to spend their holidays at international destinations. An international travel insurance plan does not offer a lot of costs and returns. If you travel trips, you must insure the travel timeout period so that you can enjoy your holidays with the holidays.