American Jews: The Impact of New Jewish Hybrid of Judaism


A highly industrialized place like America, where everyone lives a quick life, probably affects most religious people in the world.

It is no wonder why immigrants are expected to adapt rather than retain their traditions. The best examples of American Jews

Jewish life and famous American writer Silvia Barak Fisherman described this generation as "the new hybrid of Judaism".

Let us look at the effect of American culture of Jews living in America.

Identity and religion

Jews always engage with the Jews because it is like their religion, Muslims like Islam. However, these days, more and more Jews are identified themselves as atheists.

A poll of the Pew Research Center shows that five Jews have described themselves as non-religious or have no religion.

Jewish immigrants brought their traditions and culture with them. However, today's generation depends on teaching their children's history in educational institutions. It is not surprising why religion and other traditional customs are not completely amazed when it changes. For this remedy, parents should at least give their children a glimpse of their customs and go to Kosher tours and Jewish-themed holidays.

But even now, they are still proud of their Jewish descendants. It is true that they are living in a modern world where not often, some practices are not implemented.

Death and Morality

Happiness is everyone passionate in this lifetime. But if he does not experience sorrow and grief, he can not feel a real happiness.

In the book Irving Greenberg, Jewish Valves and The Changing American Ethical Book, he greatly admits the American culture that they almost deny the existence of death. Even the funeral is magnificent with beautiful decorations and very expensive coffins.

"He still seems alive." Or "he just lived permanently." Only those phrases denote how American culture denies death and mourning. But in Judaism, funerals are still normal. There is no breathing and compassion because they believe that the body should go back to the ground where they are in the same way. Moreover, as soon as possible the tomb should be completed.

But American Jews are gradually being attracted to American mourning and even condescending.

Unmarried marriage

Traditionally, marriage was not allowed between non-Jews and Jews. However, after migration to America, unmarried is slowly taking over.

Now, marriage is widely accepted in Jewish society. Rabbi and other Jewish scholars are afraid that the tolerance of marriage may end in the American-Jewish community.

As mentioned earlier, most Jews now claim to be non-religious. Most of the atheist Jews are involved in a marriage and sincere marriage.

Pew Research Center poll found that 37% of married Jews said they were not publishing their children in Jewish traditions.

The effect of the reduction of religious Jews in the United States can affect a wedlock, but no one can say it, but the numbers prove that it can happen all the time later.

So Rabbis and the Jewish parents should reveal their Jewish roots to their children. One great way is through holidays and holidays celebrations through the kosher tour. With this, the opportunity to participate in the Jewish children's interactive Jewish program and their traditions will be exposed.